Lightwright 6

Lightwright®, written by professional designer John McKernon, is the quintessential tool for tracking all aspects of selecting and arranging, numbering and comparing, assigning and footnoting lighting paperwork. 

For over 20 years, Lightwright® has been used to support more than 90% of all Broadway shows. Lightwright® was also named as one of the "Products that Changed our World" by Lighting Dimensions Magazine.

Through the Lightwright/Vectorworks Data Exchange, sharing data with Vectorworks Spotlight has never been easier:

  • Worksheet reconciliation compares and synchronizes show files
  • Enter, prioritize, and distribute work notes
  • Share files and work notes via network and built-in email
  • Apply a global search across all worksheet columns
  • See a complete history of all changes, with flexible rollback options
  • Specify moving light wheels using a unique interactive interface
  • Unique, interactive color scroll design window 
  • Select colors using standard lists and color swatches on the worksheet
  • View real-time instrument and accessory counts
  • Balance dimmer loads automatically
  • Utilize 18 flexible user-definable columns

Lightwright just keeps getting better and better!