Training Guides

Professional Training Without Leaving Your Home or Office. Whether you’re new to Vectorworks or an experienced user, you’ll find a training workbook that’s tailored to your skill level. Select the book you wish to purchase from the list below:

Entertainment Design: Scenery, Lighting, and Sound with Vectorworks Spotlight

This book, written by award-winning scenic and lighting designer Kevin Lee Allen, explores the use of the Vectorworks Spotlight with Renderworks program for use in the entertainment industries.


3D Modeling with Vectorworks

3D Modeling with Vectorworks by expert Vectorworks trainer Jonathan Pickup is an essential guide for anyone interested in learning to create free-form models with Vectorworks software.


Light Plot Deconstructed

Light Plot Deconstructed by veteran scenic and lighting designer Gregg Hillmar provides a short, accessible, and easy-to-follow guide to Vectorworks Spotlight software.


Remarkable Renderworks

Remarkable Renderworks, Second Edition® is a must-have tutorial for anyone wanting to become proficient in using Renderworks, the essential rendering tool designed to work seamlessly with Vectorworks® software.

Residential Garden Design with Vectorworks Landmark

This tutorial, written by Tamsin Slatter, the leading Vectorworks Landmark expert in the U.K., covers the workflow for residential garden designers using Vectorworks Landmark software.


Vectorworks Architect Tutorial

The Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual by expert trainer Jonathan Pickup is a thorough, project-based training workbook that builds upon his Essential Tutorial Manual.


Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial

The Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial manual by expert trainer Jonathan Pickup is a must-have workbook for anyone new to Vectorworks software.


Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual

The Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual is written by experienced Vectorworks user and author, Jonathan Pickup. The workbook is comprised of a series of projects to teach you basic Vectorworks Landmark concepts and techniques.