Light Plot Deconstructed

Light Plot Deconstructed by veteran scenic and lighting designer Gregg Hillmar provides a short, accessible, and easy-to-follow guide to Vectorworks Spotlight software. Intended as a companion handbook rather than a step-by-step tutorial, this book explains the approach Gregg uses to create light plots.

In an easy-to-follow, insightful manner, Gregg has written a fourth edition to Light Plot Deconstructed for Vectorworks Spotlight. The guide reflects Hillmar’s drafting style and functions as a companion handbook to the software to help readers draft lighting plots more easily.

The fourth edition reflects updates in Vectorworks 2012 software, including improvements to 3D functionality, event planning and staging tools, video projection and Soft Goods tools, mirroring positions and instrumentation, rendering, as well as text and dimensions. Readers who purchase this essential resource will gain a better handle on how to approach design and create more spectacular shows.

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