Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual

The Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual is written by experienced Vectorworks user and author, Jonathan Pickup. The workbook is comprised of a series of projects to teach you basic Vectorworks Landmark concepts and techniques.

Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial 5th Edition-DVD/CD

  • This tutorial is most effective if used in conjunction with Vectorworks Landmark 2015 software. Renderworks is also recommended, but not required.
  • This manual builds upon that basics of drawing in both 2D and 3D covered in two free guides, Getting Started with Vectorworks Fundamentals and Getting Started with Vectorworks Landmark 2015. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, begin with these guides first.
  • Measurements for the exercises are shown in both metric and imperial units.
  • This CD contains exercise files, and the entire manual as a PDF file.
  • View the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader X or higher.
  • The PDF contains embedded tutorial movies that demonstrate the steps of each exercise.